Monday, 3 April 2017

19 Mar -- Mayport Naval Station, Florida

On this day we took the ferry North across the St. John's River to get to Huguenot Memorial Park.

 We were warned to park far from the water in case the tide comes in.

 The dunes were great!

 An aircraft carrier from Mayport left on what they call a "Family Day Cruise," or something like that.  They are able to take the ship with families aboard out a couple miles, hang out for a bit, then come back to shore.

 After getting yelled at...we saw these signs.  They need more signs and rope.

 Edgar-classic family photo on a jetty.

 George working hard.

 For lunch, we stopped at the Sandollar Restaurant.  It was fantastic!

 From our room, we saw the aircraft carrier coming back in so we hustled to go see it.

 In the evening we went for a nice walk on the beach around sunset.

 A hug-a-war has started.

Fleet-of-foot Henry.

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