Monday, 3 March 2014

3 Mar -- Tanque Verde Wash (with Water!), Tucson, Arizona

I took Henry to the Tanque Verde Wash today to play in the water. 

Parking: N 32.246215, W 110.688494 (About 5 miles east of the Houghton/Tanque Verde road intersection.)
Tanque Verde Canyon/Stream: N 32.245385, W 110.686542

 That is not a booger coming out of Henry's nose, at least not 100% booger.  Head-wound Henry smashed up his nose and upper lip quite nicely a couple days ago.   Since then his runny nose has supplied the scab with a formidable is quite gross.  We call it a scabooger.

 It was 70 or so out today and the water felt pretty nice.

 We saw a bunch of horses today...Henry was not impressed.

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