Sunday, 23 March 2014

19 Mar -- Sea World, California (Spring Break Day 6)

We went to Sea World and Dan enjoyed riding on the big roller coaster with Charlie and Jane.

Our place for the past two nights.

 We (Dan, Charlie, Jane) got to go on this roller coaster, The Manta, 4 times in a row because there was no line.  It was awesome!

 Charlie is in red touching the dolphin's head.

 Jane always says, "I am from Korea"...

 ...and she proved it with this pose.

 I think those ones bite!

There is not enough sunscreen in this world.

 George can really work the camera!

 The Sesame Play Place was a lot of fun.

 Henry was able to go on the rides in this area.

 The skin-eating fish are a bit creepy.

Our view from the hotel.  Not too shabby!

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