Friday, 11 October 2013

7 Oct -- Red Canyon, Utah (Utah Day 4)

In the morning we drove by Bryce Canyon.  We knew it was closed due to the government shutdown, but we still tried to get to Mossy Cave, an attraction outside the park entrance.  It was taped off and there was a Park Ranger there.  Bummer!

 We then drove to Red Canyon.  The first we hike was Tunnel Trail, named for the tunnels along the road...not along the trail...  :(

 Again Pops was a great help hiking with Henry.

 Such a nice place for a lunch.

 Anna liked the trail but not the trail's name.

 We then hiked the Hoodoo and Pink Ledges Trails.

 The Hoodoo and Pink Ledges Trails were awesome because you were able to get really close to everything.

 Lastly we hike the Photo Trail.

 There was a great view from the top.

 George gets some yogurt.

Another lovely sunset.

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