Thursday, 10 October 2013

5 Oct -- Red Hollow Canyon, Utah (Utah Day 2)

We rode bikes and explored the hills in the backyard.  In the afternoon, we went to Red Hollow Canyon in Orderville, Utah.

 Not a bad neighborhood!

 The walk from the car to Red Hollow Canyon was .7 miles.

 George did great in the carrier.

 We loved how George held on with a casual lean to the left.

 Our first to chance to use our rope!  We brought it primarily as a prop, but it was really a lot of fun to use.

 Henry of course goes face-first.

Onto the canyon.

 Seriously...can George work the camera or what!?

 More rope fun at an obstacle in the canyon.

 The ever-challenging family self portrait.

 Jane puts a bit much sass in a simple picture.

 Anna on the lookout for falling rocks...

 ...and you can see why.

 More gangsta lean from George.

 The sunset from the front porch was amazing!

 Hot chocolate!

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