Friday, 8 March 2013

7 Mar -- More Pics from the Birth

We are very fortunate for a smooth c-section with George.  Enjoy the pics!

 One last baby-in-belly pic.

 Another beautiful day in Tucson.

 Best outfit for a Dad to wear... your heart out John Travolta.

 They got the baby out and didn't say the sex...they said, "Dad, tell us what it is!"  "It's a boy!"  Pretty cool way to do it.

10 little fingers...

 ...and 10 little toes...

 ...and a heat lamp for his cold little nose.

 George has quite the strong grip.

 First family shot.

 The weigh in...8lbs, 3oz.

 Dr Laird delivered George.

 What a day.  First we add George to the family.  Then, I get Dunkin Gonuts iced coffee and muchkins...and then David Grohl is on Ellen!  Does it get any better than this?!

 One proud and happy momma.

 Later we Skyped with Anna and George, which turned into a wrestling match.

Henry was the winner.

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