Wednesday, 27 March 2013

27 Mar -- Seven Falls from Bear Canyon Road

Another great day for a hike!

 This time we parked at the end of Bear Canyon Road.  There is a trailhead there.  It is about .7 miles to the Sabino Canyon Trail that takes you to Seven Falls.

 Just 10 minutes from the parking lot is a nice little stream.  We shall return...maybe with the entire 6 pack...and hang out here in the shade tomorrow!

 Charlie helped Henry cross the stream.

 Don't worry, I was 'downstream' and would have caught them...

 ...or they just could have stood up!

 I know -- third photo of Henry from the same moment...but I love his face too much!

 So you say you are a thirsty cactus!

 Henry got great joy from wasting a precious commodity in the desert.


 From the intersection with the Sabino Canyon Trail that takes you to Seven Falls it was about another .3 miles to where we stopped for our snack by another stream.

 After this photo, Henry said, "I drank Charlie's water."

 Whoa...that was a close one!

 Farmer Charlie.

 They love to collect sticks along the hike.

 2.5 hours, 2.5 miles, 2 streams, and nothing but sweat and smile!

We got home and Anna and Jane and George were having a picnic at the park in our neighborhood.

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