Monday, 2 August 2010

2 Aug -- Cologne Zoo, Germany

We headed up to Cologne today with our friends Tessie, her mother, Briggs and Baby Lydia.  After a frustrating hunt for parking, we finally located a few spots that weren't too far from the entrance to the zoo.  It was raining (as most of my outings seem to include), but the day cleared up beautifully by the later afternoon.  It was a great zoo with lots to see and we'll definitely have to go back to catch all the things we missed this time around.  The kids were awesome and had fun.  It was super busy today, so next time I know to put my children in brighter colored shirts for easy spotting.

Bratwurst, Brotchen and Capri-Sonne, standard lunch

Getting multiple children to pose for a picture is impossible

Literally 2 or 3 seconds after snapping this shot and saying, "Be careful, you're going to fall", she fell.  So then I was "that parent" that takes pictures of their kids rather than saving them from the impending accident.

Obviously, she recovered well enough from the fall

Photo by Charlie in the "Rain Forest".  It reminded me of Georgia in the, humid and sticky

Charlie has "the cheese" down to an art

Briggs, Jane and Charlie checking out the fish and turtles

She was such a trooper and walked a ton

At the elephants.  Once again...why can children not just smile normally for pics?

Okay, how crazy is this picture?  She was running down the hill and this is the face I captured?!

I love when she wants to be carried.  It doesn't happen often enough anymore

Photo by Charlie, "Charlie, are you sure you can see all of me?" "Yeah, yeah, Mom"

At one point Jane laid down between my legs and started roaring.  Guess she was just feeling the excitement of the zoo.

We found the playground, with about 1500 other children.  It was your standard "How does this pass safety laws" set up, but this slide was a hit.  It had a winding set of stairs and was about 15ft high.  It was sweet to watch Charlie help Jane climb up to the top and come down.  He's such a good big brother!

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