Monday, 16 August 2010

16 Aug -- Charlie's First Day in Kindergarten

Charlie started his first day of German Kindergarten here in Dudeldorf.  He has been pumped about it all week long.  Yesterday we gave him a Schultuete, a German tradition for the first day of school.  It had colored pencils, scissors, candy, crayons, lunch box and a few other fun surprises.  He was happy and enjoyed a special waffle breakfast before heading up the hill for school.  By the time we reached the schoolyard, his little face went tense and he got very shy.  We stayed with him about 45 minutes and tried to get him adjusted to the new environment.  We left him and he was working on a puzzle.  He appeared to have fun, but I think it will take a few weeks to get used to the language barrier and new faces.
Jane got a little mini-schultuete as well

At the bottom of the hill...

Just outside the school at the top of the hill.  Note the change in Charlie's face

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Amanda Evans said...

Wow! He can start kindergarten at age 4 in Germany? That's awesome! It will be great to have him in a German school...he will pick up the language quickly!

Welcome back home, Dan!