Tuesday, 9 March 2010

9 Mar -- Pics of Charlie, Jane, and Henry

Here are the latest...

He's fitting into all his 3 month clothing....sniff, goodbye newborn clothes...

Charlie only has "Quiet Time" instead of "Nap Time" now that he's a big boy...but every once in a while we find him like this

Don't worry, that baby in the stroller isn't Henry..

Charlie and Jane were trying to figure out how to put on my baby carrier and this is their method

The baby doll ended up upside down and hanging precariously, but they seemed happy with the results.

Photo by Charlie


Unknown said...

Wonderful photos (I'm getting caught up with several postings). So glad to see all the pix of Henry and the 'Big kids'. Charlie does seem to suddenly look like a 'Big Kid'! He has lost his baby chubbiness and his face looks leaner - but still a cutie. Being a big sister suits Jane too.
Aunt Cindy

Lauren said...

Henry looks just like a little man! I'm pretty sure he came out with that serious, manly look on his face!

Amanda Evans said...

I love Charlie's new haircut! He look so grown-up! Also, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the "quiet time" pic! :-)