Sunday, 28 March 2010

27 Mar -- Rothenburg ob der Tauber Part 1

On Saturday we drove east/southeast.  We had a reservation in Heidelberg but our eyes set on Rothenburg ob de Tauber (not to be confused with Rothenburg without the 'ob de Tauber' or Rottenburg).  The weather turned out to be 'good enough' so we pressed onto old 'ob de Tauber.'  Anna booked a room on the phone as we drove into town and then quickly cancelled the other one in Heidelberg which will have to wait for another weekend.

This was the hotel we stayed at.  It was awesome...which means they let the 5 of us stay in one room (with no additional charge) and we enjoyed their free breakfast on Sunday morning.

The city of Rothenburg is super beautiful and well preserved.

For those who visited our blog: have no fear.  This is not Everland.

The town is surrounded by a huge fort wall.  This was the garden area just beside out hotel.
Charlie and Jane doing their best old couple impersonation.
There was a man playing classical guitar along the wall.
This store looks quaint from the front, but when you get inside you realize the store goes on forever (a couple stories inside) and makes up over 50% of the 'guts' of the town.

Anna took the kids back to the hotel just before dinner and I got to go explore on my own for about an hour.

Charlie took this one and the next.

We ate pizza from the Italian place in town.  It was good--but best of all, George Clooney is on the cover of the pizza box!

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