Thursday, 21 May 2009

20 May -- Farewell Pics

Today was a busy one--we had a move related meeting in the morning, our squadon commander's fini-flight in Korea, and a Hail and Farewell...where we were farewelled.

Jane: What do you mean we are almost out of cookies?

Anna tried to avoid the long standing tradition of the youngest pilot kissing the pilot's wife goodbye...but he was steadfast.

The Hail and Farewell was in one of the hangers.

I think this may be a proposal because Carter knows it doesn't get any better than Jane.


Lauren said...

I think arranging their marriage is win-win..Great kids with great parents and you can't ever leave me! (Well, not for good anyway:)

cjgw said...

It may be farewell to Korea, but we are sure looking forward to seeing you back here, even for a short time.