Sunday, 25 January 2009

26 Jan -- Let it Snow

So we were hit with a nice snow storm this weekend. Charlie and Dan ventured out while Jane and I stayed cozy in the house. Charlie had a blast with the snow and we're wishing he'd had a snowsuit to wear for it. He didn't seem to mind the cold, though, and we got some fun pictures out of it.

I shoved my stroller through the snowy sidewalks today to get to the post office. The sidewalks are a low priority and they probably assumed no one would be silly enough to attempt the trek with a non-snow friendly double stroller...they obviously have never met me!

I love snow

Charlie with his new haircut...much less mopsy

On our parking garage roof where many a snowball fight took place this weekend

Charlie does his part to keep the cars free of icicles

About ready for some hot chocolate

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