Saturday, 17 January 2009

18 Jan -- Trains, Standing, and Chopsticks

Charlie still loves his trains. He cheers on Percy as goes by and sometimes lies his head close to the track so it can brush his hair because that is hilarious.

Jane is trying to pull herself up and can get to a crouch position but hasn't pushed up yet.

Charlie is pretty good with the kid chopsticks he got for Christmas. The video at the end of this posting is pretty impressive.

Jane standing.

Jane trying to fly away.

Charlie makes the best tunnel of them all.

Go Percy! Go!

I see you...

"I think I need some more blue..."


Alli's Keeper said...

I love how Charlie is chomping away on dinner thinking deep thoughts!

Amanda Evans said...

Trev does the same thing with his trains! He lays on the floor and drives them around. It is too cute! And, I love Charlie with his fancy chop stick skills! Good Job, bud!