Sunday, 20 July 2008

20 Jul -- Tummy time, Corn, and S'mores

At 3 months, Jane weighs in at 15 lbs, 15 oz (with a onesie and a clean diaper on). She is gearing up to compete with Charlie for the biggest baby on the block bonanza.
Charlie goes to daycare three mornings a week and learned marvelous tricks such as blowing bubbles in his milk and putting cars in his pockets.
Anna survived another Korean-borne virus with Dan ensuring family survival with spaghettios and hot dogs; kiddie-city for all my kids.
Did I do that? This is Anna's outfit from when she was a baby.

Like a bowl full of jelly.
Charlie perfecting his "blue steel."
Charlie checking her airway.

"Hello there."

"I'm singin' in the rain..."
Tummy time.
Do you know any other two year old eating corn on the cob one handed?
"Mmmm mommy, this is good..."
"Do I have any corn in my 10 teeth?"

Charlie questioning the sanity of this "s'mores" thing.
He is not questioning it anymore.
Who loves Mommy?
Good times.
Where some people see a nice new haircut, Charlie sees a new highway.

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amanda said...

I love your website! Anna, I love your hair! Hope everything is going well. love Amanda