Monday, 3 July 2017

20 Jun -- New York City: Governor's Island; Day 3 / Part 2

After saying goodbye to Uncle Nate, we hustled over to Battery Park to catch a ferry to Governor's Island.  We barely made it!

 Governor's Island has an old fort, an old prison, and some incredible playgrounds.

 First stop on the island, Castle Williams.

It was used a prison at one point.

 Lunch time!

 We then walked to the southern part of the island to check out the scramble.

 The Scramble is made of granite rocks from an old jetty.

 The view from the top of the The Scramble was awesome.

 Next stop: the huge slides.

 They are built into the side of a hill.

The open spaces were refreshing.

Last stop in the island was Fort Jay.

 We were yelling and clapping as loud as we could.  It was nearly deafening!

 But George liked it.

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