Monday, 14 November 2016

11 Nov -- Indian Shores, Florida

Being November, we spent the mornings at local trails versus going straight to the beach.

First stop: Town Square Nature Park.

There was a cool boardwalk.

There was a guy fishing at the end of the boardwalk that let the kids hold (and throw) his bait.

Henry fed the birds.

Second stop: George C. McGough Nature Park.  It was awesome!!

It is a wildlife refuge.

Inside they had owls, snakes, and frogs!

Too many pics of Henry and the little owl, but his face cracks us up.

George having fun without different faces.

Finally...the beach!  The ocean temp was 75'...warmer than the ocean high in Hampton in August!

Let's build a fort!

We bought a coloring book at the wildlife refuge...well worth the $5!

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