Friday, 11 March 2016

11 Mar - The Edgar's of Dearborn visit, Anna's Birthday, a Trip to Orlando, and more!

We had visitors!  And they came from quite the distance!  It was so much fun to have Adam, Sarah, Julia and Hannah come visit us for a short trip.  We hope they come again for a longer visit some day.  While they were here, we packed in as much fun as we could.

A trip out to Grand Bay to hunt for gators
Fast Friends

 We love our cousins!

We tried out another hiking trail at Grand Bay that we had been on before, but we came to a part of the road where the trail had been washed away.  There was no way around, except through the water...

George contemplates a crossing attempt..

 Photo by Charlie 

 Ummm, that water doesn't look happy...

When we finally determined that no one was going to fjord the river, we turned back and that's when Henry spotted it...a GATOR!!  It was so exciting to actually get to see one that I forgot to document.  

 Skype time with Daddy

A yummy dinner at the Smokin' Pig before sending the Edgars' off on the rest of their adventures.

 A few days later, we headed to Dairy Queen to celebrate Mommy's birthday.

 Flat Dan surprised me with the makings for a root beer float.  Yummy!

 He's always so thoughtful, that Flat Dan!

 Despite being the sweetest boy ever, this kid hardly ever naps.  So when it does, it's photo worthy.

 Charlie wrestles with George during Henry and Jane's soccer games.  They may also have been trying to keep warm, since I forgot to dress them appropriately for a night game...

 Aww yeah, the payoff has come.  Kids who can cook for theselves!

 Look at that intensity, look at that focus...

We headed to Orlando for a Neurology appoint for Henry's head.  We hadn't had a follow up in about 4 years, so we figured it was time.  We drove down in the morning and met up with Oma at a playground and spent the rest of the day finding parks and food and more playgrounds. 

 Mead Botanical Garden was a really pretty place to explore.   Jane liked the cut out of the fence to make room for the tree.  

 Charlie's doing his best "tree" pose to try to draw all the butterflies to him.

 A stage?  Why yes, our kids would love to put on a performance!

 Jane prepares for her big moment, "Let it Go"

 If there's a tree to be climbed, our kids will climb it.

 Even better if the tree can hold all of them.

 Jane took this pretty picture...
 ...and then this one...

Our first Mellow Mushroom experience.  Aunt Laurie and Oma joined us and it was delicious!

 One of the most "pleasant" hotel experiences with 4 kids that I've ever had.  We're getting there!

 Henry finds a place to wait for the doctor at Nemours Children's Hospital

 We didn't have to wait long before we saw Dr. Maugans who gave him a clean bill of health.  No concerns, no issues. Hurray!

We went to the patio outside the hospital to wait for Oma and the other kids to get back from breakfast.

 Fountains are fun
 really fun!

 Aaaand look who we found!  It was meant to be!

 "Where is Kermit?", why he's right there!

 George comes from a long line of car designers.  It's in his blood.

 So is sand.  This boy would sleep in a sandbox if we let him!

Another rare nap moment documented

 Dress like a book character day.  Charlie was Harry Potter, Jane was Jane Goodall, and Henry was Officer Buckle.

 That mustache was hilarious

 One of Rose's preferred sleeping spots

 Off to see Zootopia to celebrate Henry's birthday!

 More root beer floats!

Photo by George

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