Friday, 3 April 2015

31 Mar -- Bearwallow Mountain, Norrth Carolina (Kids' Spring Break Day 5)

Time for another hike!  This time: Bearwallow -- 2 miles round-trip.

 The elevation (~4,200 above sea level) was high for us swamp-dwelling people.

 Rosie's strength here was handy when going up.

 George demanded to walk.

 This is my serious face...

 ...luckily, this is my resting face.

 Who wouldn't want to sneak in a picture with George.

 Finally -- the top!

 Time to shove our faces with popcorn.

 The view of the surrounding mountains was awesome.

 Henry approves.

 Jane works on her cartwheels.

 Line 'em up!

 This and the following four photos were taken in the same minute as the can these kids move (or roll)!

 More rolling.

 Time to wrestle with Charlie.

 Jane wanted to be one with nature.

 George is lovin' it.

 We are working with George... Henry ran over... show him how it's done.  Watch out!

 The way back down is a bit easier.

 Another hike?

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