Saturday, 3 January 2015

3 Jan -- Video Update!

I uploaded a few videos from the past couple weeks and have posted them below.  Enjoy!

24 Dec -- A Walk With George.  George went into our bedroom and grabbed our camera and started recording a video.

31 Dec -- Charlie Rope Swing 1.  We have had this climbing rope since our trip to Utah.  Charlie uses it here to swing off the ladder.

31 Dec -- Henry and Charlie Dance 1.  Henry and Charlie dance...or more like Henry dances and Charlie poses for a photograph.

31 Dec -- Henry and Charlie Dance 2.  Henry takes charge!

2 Jan -- Rope Swing 1.  Dan put a rope swing up in the backyard and couldn't be more proud of himself.

2 Jan -- Rope Swing 2.  Let the bumps and bruises continue!

2 Jan -- Rope Swing 3.

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