Thursday, 5 June 2014

22 May -- Last Day of School

Charlie and Jane had their last day of school at Collier Elementary :(  We have loved this little school and are so sad to be saying goodbye to such a wonderful place. 

 Oh how many mornings we've spent waiting on this rock!

 George is going to miss this walk, too!

 Henry got to ride his bike for the big day

 My little man :)

 Jane's class had a performance on the last day.  She was very enthusiastic.

 Her sweet teacher, Ms. Dashiell

 Charlie's buddy, Walker

 His other good friend, Marydelle

His awesome teacher, Mrs. Browne

Charlie may have been trying really hard not pull himself together for the photo, but his little heart was pretty sad

Jane's buddies, Ben and Josh...note Henry's appearance in every photo!

Mrs. Langford, their fantastic principal

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