Thursday, 7 November 2013

31 Oct -- The big finale of Halloween!

Dan took the kids around and I passed out candy as George was quite ready for bed by 6PM.  Dan even set up the fog machine by our front door to add to the spookiness (although I was informed by our kids that our house was not nearly spooky enough.  This led to some serious post-Halloween clearance shopping.  We'll be ready Halloween 2014!).

 For her dance class and school Jane had chosen to dress as a cat.  But for the evening she changed her mind back to princess.  Because she still had the cat makeup on we decided to blend the two costumes and I pinned her tail to her dress and she became the cat-princess.

 George wasn't even in the spirit to dress up.

 Our neighbor Mrs. Aurora had the best decorations of the neighborhood and the kids started their evening there.  

 Dan put his old scrubs to good use and became an OB. 

The kids brought home a ton of candy, which Dan and I responsibly sifted through to ensure there were no razor blades or poisoned apples.  Of course there was a candy tax on this job.

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