Tuesday, 6 August 2013

1 Aug -- First Day of School!

Ahhh, it was so quiet today at home with Charlie and Jane at their first day of school.  We've had a blast this summer and stayed active, but it was definitely the perfect time to head back to school.  They're both very excited about school this year.  Charlie chose to ride the bus the first day and Jane chose to ride with us.  They had a pep rally to start off the day and get everyone in the spirit.  I think Henry's a little lost these days without Charlie and Jane to play with.  His preschool starts in two weeks, though, so he won't be lonely for long!

 The walk to the bus stop

 Long time, no see, Charlie!

 Jane got lucky and her friend, Ava, is in her class this year

 Charlie caught up with his buddies

The big line up for the start of school!  And there were zero tears this year (from kids or parents :) )

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