Friday, 19 July 2013

19 Jul -- Marshall Gulch Trail #3, Mt Lemmon, AZ

We drove up Mt Lemmon this morning to hike the Marshall Gulch/Aspen Trail Loop.  We started out on what we thought was the Aspen Trail...but it was not.  So we turned around and went on the more forgiving Marshall Gulch Trail which was MUCH more enjoyable.  Here is a link to trail info:

 Ready to go!

 This is about the time we turned around.  There was a 100' drop to the stream below...nothing but rocks and water = time to turn around.

 Where could Jane and Henry be?

 We knew we were on the right trail when a 3-ship of septuagenarians stopped to coo at George.
 At about a mile in, we stopped for lunch.

 Jane carried along some HUGE chunks of bark so she could build a bridge if required as we crisscrossed the stream about 8 times in each direction.

 We made it!

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