Friday, 24 May 2013

24 May -- Butterfly Trail on Mt Lemmon

With Memorial Weekend starting soon, we went up to Mt Lemmon on Friday morning to beat the rush!  We hiked about 2.5 miles along the Butterfly Trail.

 It is a beautiful drive.

 We started hiking at 9:20...

 ...on the Butterfly Trail.  Jane could not have been more excited.

 The trail elevation is at 7,700 feet!

 Jane finds a caterpillar...

 ...gets it on her stick...

 ...and brings it in for a closer examination.

  After about 50 minutes, we stopped for a snack of Ritz, cheese and pepperoni.

 We have a new found appreciation for mountain goats.

 The caterpillars were everywhere!

 Henry was quite the trooper with his little legs.

 Everybody took a bath/shower upon getting home.

 Henry spots Anna's car.

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