Friday, 4 January 2013

3 Jan -- Sabino Canyon, Tucson, AZ

We hiked at Sabino Canyon and had a blast.  We hiked for about 3.2 miles--not too shabby with little ones!  Henry enjoyed riding on Dan's back a lot and snuggling up to Anna so she would carry him.  His hair is so fluffy it is hard for Anna to say no despite being 30 weeks pregnant!


 Real trees in the background!

 Like any other outing of ours: Movement for an hour + snack of juice and crackers + more movement of another hour = great success.


 I may have said something sarcastic to earn such a face from Anna.

 More water.

 One of Henry's breaks.

 "I love you Mommy..."

 Lovely sign.

A Ranger on the trail gave the kids stickers and tattoos.

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