Sunday, 20 November 2011

20 Nov -- Random Update

Bath time!

 Yummy breakfast!

Our hutch that we bought at this year's Spangdahlem Fall Bazaar.  The lady made it just for me after I'd emailed her a month or so ago about what I was looking for.  She uses reclaimed wood and so the bottom half is actually a desk.  There are blue Dutch tiles along the backsplash that show pictures of butter making and cheese making.  (Note Charlie in action on the big wheel!)

These are the newest purchase trend and my friend, Tessie, and I went to a flea market in Belgium this weekend and I decided to jump on the bandwagon.  It was used to hold wine/vinegar.  Now it's currently holding two of Henry's matchbox cars and a half eaten cracker.


Amanda Evans said...

Just catching up with my Edgar's! Love how y'all are STILL traveling like CRAZY even with three kiddos! I am envious! I remember those base bazars...ahhh! so fun! I'd love to get back to Germany....hopefully one of these days. I assume you PCS this summer, as do we? Any word on an assignment?

Amanda Evans said...

Had to word verification was "undis" HAHA. Where do they come up with these words?

A Mom said...

great site! cute kids!