Sunday, 23 January 2011

23 Jan -- American Military Cemetery, Luxembourg

Today we went to Luxembourg to see the Luxembourg American Cemetery and Memorial.  It was very impressive.

 This was taken from inside the Memorial Chapel.

5,076 military members are buried here.

Over 100 of them have not been identified.

This is General Patton's site.  In military cemeteries, you are not supposed to put any member in a position of prominence, but the country of Luxembourg, with the love for Patton, demanded that he be placed a the top.  (This may be urban legend because I cannot remember where I heard this.)

 We stopped by a German cemetery a couple miles away.

Definately a different place.

Little bit darker.

We then went to the town of Dudelange, Luxembourg, to try and find some castle ruins.  It took Anna speaking German to a local old man, but we finally found it.

The woods were real nice.

Unfortunately, the ruins are being fortified.  Bummer.

Still a nice walk in the woods.

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