Sunday, 12 December 2010

11 Dec - Squadron Events

Last Friday we said farewell to Dan's squadron commander and his wife, Marcie. 

Tessie, Anna and Marcie

Then, last night we had our squadron Christmas party at a local restaurant.  It was festive attire and Dan and I took that seriously.

My carrot nose was a tasty snack as well as a fashionable accessory.

Games were played 
 Our sunglasses were a big hit

We were happy that others joined us in the "festivities."

Anna got her baby fix from a friend's little one.  And then she was done :) 

We ran into this nice looking fellow on the way out and Anna enjoyed seeing one of her peers out and about. 

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Anna said...

Gee, that would have been a perfect occasion for the milkmaid dress. Color me disappointed!