Thursday, 11 February 2010

11 Feb -- Ladybugs and Updates

    Well, the snow on the East coast has finally hit us here.  Dan's parents' flight was canceled yesterday and they will be coming in this Sunday instead.  We are bummed that they got the bump, but sooooo happy that they will be here so soon.  The kids are doing well and I think they are getting excited about the baby's arrival.  Maybe it's more that they are anxious to have their Mama be able to play duck duck goose and lay on the floor with them again, though.  Charlie was bringing me books the other day as I sat in the chair in his room and I tried to put him in my now non-existant lap and he said, "No, Mama, I'll sit up here (on the arm of the chair) so I don't hurt the baby".  What a good big brother he is!

We've been calling Jane our Ladybug for a while now.  There's a series of books called Ladybug Girl and she has a friend who's Bumblebee Boy.  The kids really like these books, so I couldn't pass up these pajamas when I saw them!

Picture By Charlie

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