Monday, 24 August 2009

24 Aug -- Unusual naptime location

Charlie had stopped taking naps a few months ago, with the exception of some really early mornings. Today I thought it had gotten rather quiet upstairs, which usually means that he's getting into trouble (usually involving my makeup, deodorant, and/or pens). I tiptoed upstairs to find him in his tunnel fast asleep.


Anna said...

I am loving the frequent posts; keep it up!

Bettina said...

That is so cute! I am going to start keeping up with my blog again. You are my inspiration!

Amanda Evans said...

Anna jane,

I just read all your new posts (it has been a few months as I was also en-route!). I just LOVE all your pics from Germany. It brings back memories! I was at Spang from 97-99 . Your house is sweet! Is it in Dodledorf? I love that town, right in the middle of everything. I'm glad to see you and the fam doing well. Miss ya!