Sunday, 12 July 2009

12 July -- Updates for Us

I can't post pictures currently, but after our last post skipped about a month of activities, I felt I needed to sum things up for everyone.

Our orders came in 11 days before we were to leave the country. Our movers arrived about 5 days before we left and I have to say, we had very few problems getting everything done in such a short period of time. Dan shipped our beloved Maxima, Maxine, to Germany and clearing out of our house went very smoothly. Saying goodbye to such awesome friends was the hardest part.

The flight was direct from Seoul to D.C. and lasted 14 hours. Luckily we had screens on the back of our seats and Charlie was able to watch Finding Nemo four times and Bolt twice. Jane was a little more antsy but completely endearing to everyone we passed on our walks up and down and up and down and up...well, you get it.

Jet lag was tough for a few days, but we pushed through and the kids recovered better than I could have hoped. It took me a lot longer!

Seeing our family and friends has been fantastic and we were thrilled to introduce Jane to all of her aunts and uncles and cousins. We got to meet 3 new nieces and that was just so much fun to see how our families have grown.

Jane started walking right about the time we left Korea and she's quickly mastering the art of toddling. She also (FINALLY!) got her first tooth at 14 1/2 months.

Charlie has been great and we're amazed at how much he's able to take in and remember in such a short period of time. This kid's ready to befriend every person that walks within 4 feet of our path in stores and parks. He's a regular chatterbox and amuses Dan, Jane and me.

Dan's in Tucson now for a course and I'm at home with my parents for the rest of July. We head out in August for our next adventure in Germany. We can't wait for that and hope that the draw of Paris being 4 hours from us will entice more family and friends to stopover while we're there.

I'll post more pics as soon as I'm able! Missing my Korean friends tons!


Lauren said...

We miss you too! And enjoy your family, thanks for the update! I can't believe Jane just got her little tooth! She's a record setter, ha!

Alli's Keeper said...

I loved reading your post and can't believe how fast the kids are growing up! Crazy that you are going back to Germany! I am envious! You'll have to take a stroll through good ole KAHS and blog about it!

Fattoes said...

Ditto! We miss you too!! Thanks for the update. Ok, so ditto to what Lauren said. I totally miss you out on the playground, but with the monsoons we're not making it down there too much lately. I also really miss my Jane. Her squishy goodness is so missed. Have a great time in the states. I can't wait to follow all of your adventures in Germany!!

Helen said...

You make it sound so blissful. Glad all is well. Perhaps we'll see you in Europe.