Wednesday, 11 June 2008

11 Jun 08 -- Icheon Ceramic Festival

Two weekends ago we went to the Icheon Ceramics Festival with our friends Jesse and Stephanie. It was about an hour drive from here and we had a great time checking out a Korean festival. We ate corn dogs (yes, corn dogs) and sweet potato chip-things. We saw a Taekwondo demonstration and a traditional tea ceremony. Charlie and Jane were big hits with the Koreans and it was an adventure walking with Charlie through the ceramic vendor booths (2 year olds are not ceramic-friendly!)

The upload didn't accept my rotating the pics, so you'll need to turn your head sideways for some of these.

Arriving at the festival

Giant Pepper made from peppers

Dan and Charlie brave the giant kiln!!! You gotta have quick feet to make it out alive...

Wuv...trwue wuv....

Watching the Taekwondo demonstration

Tea Ceremony

Good friends

Buying some Korean ceramic as a souvenir

Jane getting some love from the locals

Charlie admiring an interesting ceramic sculpture

Ceramic Tree

Tea Ceremony

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Pinky's Place said...

It is so nice to see your adventures and you all !!! The kids are growing fast. Keep sending pictures because we feel closer to you all when you do. We miss you!! Sheryl Show