Tuesday, 27 May 2008

27 May -- Everland, Jane at 6 Weeks, and Happy Birthday Charlie

This is Jane at 6 weeks.
What would a post be without a few pics from Everland. We went on Monday of Memorial Day Weekend and it was great because the lines were relatively short all though every other American on the peninsula thought of that as well.

We started in the zoo.

Charlie wanted to practice his back stroke with the penguins and sea lions but we missed free swim.
Charlie's favorite animal--the monkey...and yes, those are monkeys behind us.
Charlie giving a monkey a smooch.
Charlie absolutely LOVES the gift from his Uncle Peter and Aunt Sophie. They know how serioulsy he takes his tools.
Charlie turned 2 today, as indicated by his fingers...
...and he now has 2 less teeth thanks to the gummy worms.
Charlie loves making waves.

Charlie devours his cake and worms.

Charlie loves the Tiger flashlight, and yes Charlie said "growl" during this clip. He is amazing.

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