Friday, 11 January 2008

11 Jan -- China Posting, Final Edition

We had a great 4 days in Beijing. We had an awesome tour guide named Dong. He was the best.
On the first day of arriving we hit the ground running and saw the Temple of Heaven.

The first night we also saw a Chinese Acrobatic show that was really cool. We were afraid Charlie was not going to be interested, but as you can see, he watched the entire one hour show quite intently.
We went to the Great Wall, or the Long Wall as the Chinese call it. We rode up a cable car and it was quite exciting.

Best of all we had the Chinese version of General Tso's chicken and it rocked. We also had a HUGE bowl of hot and sour soup and I was in heaven.This is heaven.

We went to Tiananmen Square and were quite impressed with it's size.

Here is a classic picture of Anna asking our tour guide questions in what I call "The Lightning Round that lasted 4 Days."
At the north end of the Square is the Forbidden City although the name is quite misleading.

Here is Charlie and one his 650,000,000 fans.
This picture is from shopping in one of the markets. The girls could not get enough of Charlie. Our tour guide told us Chinese girls are given dolls that look like American or European babies, so when they see Charlie they think their childhood doll has come back to them and they want to hold him.

We went to the zoo to check out the panda bears.

We also went to the Summer Palace before heading to the airport.

...ready for takeoff...


Bettina said...

Your trip looks like it was absolutely amazing!

Unknown said...

Anna and Dan- and Charlie,
While I looked at your China posting again I was hoping the mom and dad got to see it. Dad would be thrilled to see you standing on the Great Wall. I'm going to find my picture of Mee Mee on the Wall and send it to you.
The places you visited looked wonderful. China has been number 1 on my must see list. Unfortunately my budget has it much lower!