Monday, 3 September 2007

1 Sep Everland--First Trip

We made our first trip to Everland. It is not a copy of Disneyworld as there are very few similarities...anyway... It is about 45 minutes away and we bought a 2-year pass so this will not be the last post on Everland. They had a cool Aesop's Fable section where, thanks to Dad and his reading of these stories, I was able to closely translate the stories for Charlie and build upon his innate integrity and character.

Moral: second is still better than third so never give up...
...especially if you look like me.
This is from inside "Global Village," a boat ride around the world. The U.S. section had a Statue of Liberty and a football game. I think the Korea section was disproportionally large, but it is their ride.

Daddy got me a little too close to the water, but it felt great.

Charlie well into his normal nap time.

I miss my drums. I was playing to Fallen Angel by Poison. I love Korea.

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nate said...

Good job Dan and Anna, there is no substitute, no matter how strong the innate character of the young charlie, for the fables of Aesopes.